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[PDF] Rugby World Cup Schedule 2015 Download in PDF | Fixtures

Rugby World Cup 2015 : The Rugby World Cup 2015 is going to start on 18th september will last all the way till Oct 31st 2015 and nearly 20 nations participating in this rugby world cup live evnt hosted by england check out all the latest updates and rugby world cup 2015 schedule here and download rugby world cup 2015 schedule pdf.

Rugby World Cup 2015

Rugby World Cup will be played by the men. This tournament will be conducted once in every four years. It was first held in 1987 between New Zealand and Australia. The last tournament was held in 2011 in New Zealand. This tournament will be controlled by the World Rugby, international sport's governing body. It includes 16 teams. but in 1999 total 20 teams are participated. For this year, 2015 England will host the event and for 2019 Japan will host the World Cup. Nearly 20 Nations will be participating in this world cup and compete over six weeks.

Rugby Worldcup Schedule


Tournament Details:

It is a four pool game, There are 2 stages one is the group and another one is a knock-out. Nations are divided into 4 pools namely Pool A to D. The teams standing in the top list will be selected first and next four teams will be drawn similarly. The rest positions will be selected by the qualifiers.

The winner and runner-up in each pool enters into the knock-out stage. This knock-out stage includes Quarter and Semi Finals and at last final of rugby world cup 2015. The winner in each pool match will be facing a runner-up of another pool in the quarter-final. And the Winner of the quarter-final will be seen in Semifinals, and similarly to Finals. The team which was lost in semi-finals will get Bronze medal as third place, If the match was drawn at the knockout stage the lead will be declared based on the extra time.

Each pool game has one bonus point. If in both the teams become level, they will use new criteria to declare the higher. The final matches will be declared with the performances of the official World Rankings.

Check the list of Rugby World Cup 2015 Schedule:


Rugby World Cup 2015 | Pool A Matches and Venue:

18th Sep- England vs Fiji at Twickenham (20:00)
20th Sep- Wales vs Uruguay at Cardiff (14:30)
23rd Sep- Australia vs Fiji at Cardiff (16:45)
26th Sep- England vs Wales at Twickenham (20:00)
27th Sep- Australia vs Uruguay at Villa Park (12:00)
1st Oct- Wales vs Uruguay at Cardiff (16:45)
3rd Oct- England vs Australia at Twickenham (20:00)
6th Oct- Fiji vs Uruguay at Milton Keynes (20:00)
10th Oct- Australia vs Wales at Twickenham (16:45)
10th Oct- England vs Uruguay at Manchester (20:00)

Rugby World Cup 2015 | Pool B Matches and Venue:

19th Sep- South Africa vs Japan at Brighton (16:45)
20th Sep- Samoa vs USA  at Brighton (12:00)
23rd Sep- Scotland vs Japan at Gloucester (14:30)
26th Sep- South Africa vs Samoa at Birmingham (16:45)
27th Sep- Scotland vs USA  at Leeds (14:30)
3rd Oct- Samoa vs Japan  at Milton Keynes (14:30)
3rd Oct- South Africa vs Scotland at Newcastle (16:45)
7th Oct- South Africa vs USA at Olympic Stadium (16:45)
11th Oct- Samoa vs Scotland at Newcastle (14:30)
11th Oct- USA vs Japan at Gloucester (20:00)

Rugby World Cup 2015 | Pool C Matches and Venue:

19th Sep- Tonga vs Georgia at Gloucester (12:00)
20th Sep- New Zealand vs Argentina at Wembley (16:45)
24th Sep- New Zealand vs Namibia at Olympic Stadium (20:00)
25th Sep- Argentina vs Georgia at Gloucester (16:45)
29th Sep- Tonga vs Namibia at Exeter (16:45)
2nd Oct- New Zealand vs Georgia at Cardiff (20:00)
4th Oct- Argentina vs Tonga at Leicester (14:30)
7th oct- Namibia vs Georgia at Exeter (20:00)
9th Oct- New Zealand vs Tonga at Newcastle (20:00)
11th Oct-  Argentina vs Namibia at Leicester (12:00)

2015 Rugby World Cup | Pool D Matches and Venue:

19th Sep- Ireland vs Canada at Cardiff (14:30)
19th Sep- France vs Italy at Twickenham (20:00)
23rd Sep- France vs Romania at Olympic Stadium (20:00)
26th Sep- Italy vs Canada at Leeds (14:30)
27th Sep- Ireland vs Romania at Wembley Stadium (16:45)
1st Oct- France vs Canada at Milton Keynes (20:00)
4th Oct- Ireland vs Italy at Olympic Stadium (16:45)
6th Oct- Canada vs Romania at Leicester (16:45)
11th Oct- Italy vs Romania at Exeter (14:30)
11th Oct- France vs Ireland at Cardiff (16:45)

Rugby World Cup 2015 | Quarter-finals:

17th Oct - Winner B vs Second A at Twickenham, (16:00)
17th Oct - Winner C vs Second D at Cardiff, (20:00)
18th Oct - Winner D vs Second C at Cardiff, (13:00)
18th Oct - Winner A vs Second B at Twickenham, (16:00)

Rugby World Cup 2015 | Semi-finals:

24th Oct - Winner C/Second D vs Winner B/Second A at Twickenham, (16:00)
25th Oct - Winner D /Second C vs Winner A/Second B at Twickenham, (16:00)

Rugby World Cup 2015 | Finals:

30th Oct - Bronze medal match at Olympic Stadium, (20:00)
31th Oct - Final at Twickenham, (16:00)

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